Spruce it up a bit….

Sometimes the smallest change can make a house look beautiful.  One thing is new windows. Window can change the appearance of a house quite simply.  Repairing rotten wood at the same time, can make a house look beautiful.  A simple fix that can change the curb appeal immediately.

Price out windows and the replacement of rotten wood.  Typically, it can be done relatively quickly.  Look below before we add the paint.  Beautiful, clean, and refreshing!

Kitchen Chat

For those of you who getting ready to remodel your kitchen, read the snippet of article below to assist. As noted, the kitchen is an essential piece of your real estate. Whether you are fixing it to list it or just to keep it, remember that people look at the kitchen as the hub of the home. Your real estate agent, if you are listing it, will look at the triangle affect of your kitchen.

From the Bob Hogue school of real estate, agents will be looking for key factors in your kitchen like location, counter, counter space and storage, service triangle and appliances.
“The location of the kitchen is an important factor, based on its convenience to dining areas and accessibility for unloading groceries. Usually the market will not accept a kitchen with inadequate counter and storage space. The sales associate calculates the food service triangle by drawing straight lines connecting refrigerator, range, and sink. Most consumer polls show that the total length of the three lines combined should be greater than 12 feet but should not exceed 22 feet. Appliances represent a sizable portion of the home’s cost, and their age and condition are important.”

Try to remember these points when you begin your remodel. We can help! Give us a call and we can assist in creating your perfect kitchen. Some of the new looks for 2017 include black stainless steel and bold colored kitchen sinks!  We are ready to help!

Renovate with repurposed items

A client requested a renovated bathroom but really wanted to utilize repurposed items so we did just that.  We converted a dresser into a vanity and a window into a mirror.  Both items are antiques and they provide a unique look.

In order to complete the look, a waterfall vessel faucet was utilized and a blue glass vessel sink was ordered.  All of the pieces came together nicely.  vanitybeach

First blog post

Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms….

Though typically not a huge space, it can take an enormous amount of time to decide how to renovate one of the most used rooms in your house.  Small changes can sometimes be enough.  Full tear down and renovate may be more of what you need. Either way, there are decisions to be made.

In the video shown, many different bathrooms with many different budgets.  From high to low, anything is possible and anything can be beautiful.  https://www.facebook.com/fixittolistit/complete-small-bathroom